Friday, July 20, 2012

Moving on...

Saw this meaningful quote in my FB and this is what i am telling myself now...

It is with great dissapointment that some people do not understand the reason and the purpose of this blog. It was out of good intention to inform the public of my predicament as I still see CC advertising vigorously online. I do not wish to see another happy couple experience the same as me. Also, shouldnt a photographer know his own limits before he undertake such an important job? 

To all who have been making critical and cynical remarks about how cheapo and how much i deserve this outcome, I will like to emphasize that it was the SINCERITY of CC which made me decide having him as my AD photographer. I do not deny that money was a factor in the decision making process. However, if not for the works that he have shown me, I will not have use my BIG DAY as the bet. 

Also, could you have imagine if i paid him 3k for the job and got these results? Does it give me MORE RIGHTS to complain? I do not think a professional photographer should give the reason "I was not in top form that day" as valid to ease him of the damage he has done.

I do not wish to elaborate any further on this and will like to put an end to it. Whatever you think is not important. The message that I am trying to get across is the photography skillset of CC. Like what many people say, many photos will come in future and these UGLY photos will be history. But well, put yourself in my shoes and tell me how will you feel. 

Lastly, I will like to thank those who have given me supportive comments and volunteered to help edit the photos. I truly appreciate it.

For those who assumed I am a FT out to malign a SG photographer, I am a Singaporean by birth.


  1. you ain't doing anything wrong by posting your anguish and disappointment. if i am you, i might have acted even worse than you. i don't even dare to imagine if this happens during my wedding day. it's not the $$$ that matters. what matter here most is his professionalism and ethics as a photographer.

    maybe what you can do is seek legal advice so as to give him a lesson for his irresponsible attitude. posting and sharing online can't help much as we the readers can only see and hear one side story so some many agree with you and some may not. and worse of all give this issue 2-3 months, the whole story will just die and no one will ever remember your story and he will just get away with it and earn more with that kind of attitude.

    if you think it is too much then just forget it and live on.

  2. Feel like giving you a hug as I couldn't help you at all.
    But totally can imagine what you are going through.
    I think the quote is good :)
    Enjoy your new happy life with your hubby!!
    Newly wed couple should be happily ever after :))

  3. I totally agree with taking legal action against him. Go to the small claims tribunal first and discuss this issue with those in charge there. Bring along the invoices, contracts, samples of the photos. They will be able to help you. I think you should let stomp report about it so nationwide will know about CC and his inability and irresponsibility as a wedding pg.

    1. Ya, legal action of using CC instead of his fullname. Do you know that you are affecting all CCs in this world?

  4. Hi, came across your blog from a link in Facebook. As photography enthusiast myself, though nowhere near professional, I must attest that even the shots in his portfolio doesn't look great. He frames a lot of people right smack in the centre, and lighting on the faces were bad. I'm glad you spoke up, because people who love photography really dislike any tom dick or harry calling themselves professionals. Not many people who love photography and are good at it would want to go into wedding shoots because the responsibility to make sure the photos go well is a big one. The ethical photographers make sure they know their standard before going into wedding shoots. The rest are just there to make money.

  5. Please kindly use his fullname (Caleb cheong) instead of CC. Ty.!

  6. Hi there... I'm an amateur photo & video hobbyist and have done actual weddings before. Post-processing took me weeks as I'm very particular about showing only the best. I have also hired photographers for events and cannot stand photographers who use high end equipment and consider themselves as professional when they cant even ensure that the photos they submitted are sharp.

    While I have never gone through the whole wedding process, I can understand the anger that you and your husband feels about your case. Even for a 4 hour community event where more than 1 photographers were hired, I felt the anger when the photos from 2 of my photographers came out a little bad, let alone such an important event that usually only happens once in your entire life time. Indeed you were the one who hired him. But the photographer had to be held responsible whether he was paid $60 or $6000. Being the only photographer for such an important event, it was his duty to ensure that the photos are nothing less than decent.

    I feel really sorry that you had to go through this on one of the most important event in your life. I'd like to offer my help to look through and process some of his raw shots for free. I can't promise anything, but I'd really like to help if I can. If you're interested, email me at and let me know when you have done so.

    PS: I know some of your readers are not giving you the least bit of empathy you deserve. Just keep in mind that there are always the people who are neutral and people who are on the extreme ends. No matter it-is-totally-not-your-fault your case is, there will bound to be people out there who will tell you it's totally your own fault. Don't take it to heart. Ignore them. And yes, I hope this incident will not affect the r/s between you and your hubby. Don't start arguing with each other over this k? Peace. :)

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